2013 In Review

I usually write my year in review post much closer to the start of the new year, but as I mentioned in my previous post this year got off to a rocky start.  After several days to let the dust settle, I’m finally feeling ready to delve into my recap of the last 12 months.  (You can read previous years’ recaps here: 2012 and 2011)

2013 was a really great year for me professionally!  Looking over the goals I set out for myself I accomplished almost all of them.  I definitely think writing them down not only keeps me accountable, but also really helps me define what’s truly important and worth going after.

Here were my highlights of 2013.

Finances and Business direction
After meeting with Sage Wedding Pros I was able to write a mission statement for my business and I got a much better handle on keeping track of my finances. I set some sales goals, which I didn’t quite meet, but I it’s always good to have something to work towards, right?

My work was featured on several popular blogs like Paper Crave, Oh So Beautiful Paper, Style Me Pretty, Refinery 29. I was also featured in several print magazines (which was one of the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year) Uppercase Magazine, Stationery Trends (three times) Inside Weddings and Southern New England Weddings.  My most exciting press, however was my career feature on The Everygirl.  You can ready the full interview HERE.

I worked with some great interns this year including Lisa who now has a permanent position with me as a part time studio assistant (You can read her interview here.) Erin worked with me for almost 6 months this year and Riley was with me for the last two months of 2013.

Wedding Collection
I developed my wedding collection, creating 5 new non-custom wedding invitation designs. These are a few of my most popular:

New Products
I added new cards, gift tags and photo cards:

National Stationery Show
By far the biggest thing I did all year was set up a booth my very first National Stationery Show.    It was by far the most professional, most intense,  most rewarding thing I’ve done so far in my career.  Not only did I push myself in ways I didn’t know possible, I also made great contacts and friends in the stationery industry all over the country. I did a really great job of documenting my experience on this blog. You can read all the posts HERE.

New Stores
I added so many new retailers to my list of stockists. Many of them I picked up at The National Stationery Show and others found me through etsy wholesale and other avenues.  The most exciting was the national chain: Urban Outfitters who sells one of my cards on their website: HERE.  I’ve been working on developing my wholesale business and I definitely saw a lot of growth in this department over the last year.

Calligraphy class + Wayzgoose
In November I took at 2 day calligraphy workshop with Molly Jacques and I went back up to Hamilton Wood Type Museum for their annual Wayzgoose. I really enjoyed taking the time to learn and develop new skills.

Lead Type
I started a small collection of lead and wood type!   I was so busy I didn’t have enough time to use for most of the year until the very end of 2013 when I was able to start playing with some small tests. In 2014, I plan on releasing a small line of personalized stationery using hand set type.  You can read those blog posts here and here.

Lead Type

New Website
Updating my website and creating a new e-commerce site was actually in my longer terms goals, but I was able to start working on it in the fall of 2013. It’s taking longer than expected to get everything done but it should hopefully completed in early 2014. (I can’t wait!)

I also had the pleasure of working with so many wonderful clients again this year. They’ve said some really great things about me on Yelp and Wedding Wire. They really make it all worth it.

A few things I did differently this year:
– less craft fairs
– more blogging
– more social media in general most notably a lot more instagramming
– I stayed in the same studio all year, and PLAN on staying put as long as possible

All in all 2013 was a really great year. I settled in and got into a better groove with my business. I stretched myself in new ways and learned new skills.  I’m really looking forward to what 2014 has in store.

Next I will post my business goals for 2014! I think I might do something a little different this year and throw in my personal review of the year…

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