NSS 2014 Recap – Photos

I’m finally back at it after a whirlwind week at the National Stationery Show in New York. I’ve had a few days to rest and get my head straight and today I’m ready to head back into the studio and start filing orders. Before I go into my big recap about my experience and thoughts, what I would do differently and my budget, I thought I’d share a few photos of our trip to get started: This year I decided to drive from Chicago instead of fly. Flying with 3 huge bags and trying to get it all under the weight limit on my own was just way too stressful. I really enjoyed the freedom of the car, although the 13+ hour drive I could have done without. Here is my hubby loading up the car on Thursday afternoon. photo1 We ended up getting a flat tire in Indiana, which delayed our trip 4+ hours.  The tire was patched for free, but it took a while to get it all done. photo2 In order to make up the time, I ended up driving through crazy downpour until 3am on Thursday morning.  I just feel lucky we didn’t get the flat a 2am in the rain in the PA mountains. It definitely could have been worse.  We stopped to sleep 4 hours in a hotel in Pennsylvania and then my husband took the morning shift leaving at 8am the next day.  He’s a morning person and I’m a night person, so, although we were both tired from driving, it still worked out OK. Our drive on Friday looked like this: photo4 We arrived to NYC around 1pm on Friday May 16th to start set up. It was our goal to get there early afternoon and miss NYC rush hour traffic. We got there with plenty of time. photo3 photo10 This is what the booth looked like when we arrived. Black drapes, and that’s about it.  You can see the stack of walls at the bottom of the photo. I had them freighted from Chicago, and drove the rest of my stuff in the car. photo5

We spend the next two days transforming my little area to accurately reflect Steel Petal Press. This is what it looked like at some point on Saturday afternoon.  I had laid everything out on the computer, but this was my first time setting it all up in real life. Everything always takes longer than you expect. photo7

It was definitely worth it to have a helper during set up. I would not have been able to put up the walls on my own, and the whole process would have taken much longer. Here’s Chad, excited to spend his Saturday afternoon in Javits! (kinda) photo8

And here are a few booth shots once it was all set up.

photo9 photo12

Sunday was show time! Chad stayed to help man the booth for the day and then left to head back to Chicago at the end of the day on Sunday.


The next few days were a crazy whirlwind of friends and retailers, interspersed with long periods of no action. Here is a photo of me and Addie from Foursided in Chicago. The originally purchased from me at the National Stationery Show last year and have been amazing customers and super supportive ever since. photo13 Here’s another photo of me taking an order with Papel New York in Brooklyn. They are a new retailer, I’m excited to have met at the show. photo14 I was lucky to be right across from Kate Funk another fellow midwesterner from Milwaukee Wisconsin. We’re pretty sure we’ve met before at craft fairs in the midwest, although neither of us remember it. The other booths in the 2200 row did not quite match my aesthetic, so I was really happy to have such a cool neighbor. Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 12.08.20 PM Another great part about the show is connecting with all my stationery friends around the country. This is me and Debbie of Penelope’s Press.  We originally met at the Ladies of Letterpress Conference in Asheville North Caroline in 2012.  Her shop is located in the Chicago suburbs so we meet for lunch a few times a year and talk shop. photo15 Lisa flew in on Sunday evening and was there for support for the next three days of the show. She also helped me tear down and drive home.  I meant to take a photo of us in the booth together, but didn’t get around to it. Here’s me at the end of the show. Sooo soooooo tired.  You don’t even realize how exhausting it is until you get home at the end of each day. I was in bed by 9 or 10pm almost every night. And then you have to wake up and do it all again the next day. photo16 And here’s me and Lisa on our sunny drive back to Chicago, somewhere in Pennsylvania on Thursday morning. photo17

Next I plan on posting a recap of my budget and what I plan on doing differently next year.

Now, back to work! xo, shayna

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