August was soooo BUSY


happy Friday people! It’s almost labor day weekend.  I will be staying in town, catching up on rest and working on my house. It’s also almost the end of August. I can’t even believe how quickly this month just flew by.  SO MANY THINGS happened this past month, I don’t even know where to start. It’s like the whole year up until August was just business as usual, and then all of a sudden BAM everything happened all at once.

I would love to dedicate a separate post to each of the exciting things I’m about to share with you, but for now the bullet points will have to do until I have more free time.

Abigail ended her summer internship and she bought me a “thank you” cake. What?! No, no…. thank YOU!

– I posted an ad on craigstlist for a part time employee and went through the interviewing and hiring process (I could write at least 3 blog posts on this topic, good gravy!)  I  have now officially hired my first part time employee! (Lisa doesn’t count, she started as an intern almost 2.5 years ago)  I will definitely share more on the new girl soon – her name is Maranda,

– Because of the new hire, I had to find an accountant and I worked with a lawyer to switch from a sole proprietorship to a corporation.  I am now officially “Steel Petal Press Inc” !

– I also set up payroll for the first time

– I had several very awesome, custom but rush orders this month. They turned out gorgeous and were very satisfying BUT did not make my life any easier

– I worked on my first CELEBRITY wedding

– I got my first order from Paper Source at the beginning of August, and now they’ve already placed a re-order (going out next week, so technically September – but I printed everything yesterday)

– Oh, and sometime last week my computer totally died. It spent 6 days at the Apple Store being repaired.  It had been a month since my last back up which was super annoying, and I kept finding all these things that were missing from my back ups (ugh!) During that time I borrowed my hubby’s computer (I would not have been able to function otherwise) And Yes, my computer was eventually repaired for only $300!  AND it was returned with my hard drive in tact.  (double wheeeew!)  I am now implementing a 3 way storage system.  Computer, DropBox and External Hard drive.

So those are my updates for now! Have a great weekend everyone!

xo, shayna


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