2014 In Review

2014 Year in Review

I know I say this every year, but 2014 was another big year for Steel Petal Press!!  I usually like to start these posts by looking over the goals I set for myself the previous year (see recaps from 2013, 2012 and 2011) but it looks like I didn’t write those down last January, so I’ll just have to go by 3-5 year goals from 2012 (still totally applicable!)

Here are the highlights and milestones of 2014:

New Website
I started working on revamping my website in September of 2013. 6 months later, it finally went live in March of 2014!  Read my post about the experience HERE.

National Stationery Show
It was my second year exhibiting at the National Stationery Show. This year I had my own both, built my own hard walls and brought my husband with me.  You can read my recap of the experience HERE.


Paper Source
One of my card designs got picked up by Paper Source! Selling to a national chain has been fantastic. They place fairly large wholesale orders very regularly.

Other New Stockists
I added 20+ new retailers to my list of stockists in 2014. They are super awesome and I’m thankful to be working with each and every one of them.  You can see my full list HERE.

In August of 2014 I hired a lawyer and filed the paper work to officially become Steel Petal Press Inc. (Goodbye sole-proprietorship!)  When I made the decision to hire my first employee,  the first step of the process was to separate myself from my business. Hence Incorporation! Which leads me to my next big event..

Hired an Employee
In August, I posted an ad on craigslist, weeded through over 150 applications, went through the interview process and hired Maranda, as my part time administrative and studio assistant. It’s been a learning curve adjusting to someone new in the studio, but it’s definitely alleviated a lot of my workload.

I hosted 4 interns in 2014.  They all brought something a little different to the table and I enjoyed working with each of them. It’s also so fascinating to see how differently each of them works, their strengths and weaknesses.

Celebrity Wedding
I worked on one highly intense, celebrity wedding rush order.

Custom Orders
I worked on over 100+ custom orders including personalized stationery, business cards, holiday cards, save the dates and wedding invitations.   More than half my custom orders were wedding invitations.  I worked with couples all over the world from Chicago to Australia.  The state that wins for most clients? 12 couples from New York chose my services last year.

Gold Foil Wedding Invitation

I got some great press this year.  From Buzz Feed, Oh So Beautiful Paper, Brides.com and more (see the full list here), but the most exciting was seeing my work and my studio featured in a Japanese book about letterpress: A New Trend In Letterpress Printing

And now on to my goals and plans for 2015

– get busy enough to hire another part-time employee (someone to help with packing and shipping)
– pick up 10-20 more wholesale accounts (at the National Stationery Show or elsewhere)
– be published in a major bridal publication, Brides Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings etc.
– have more card designs picked up by Paper Source
– Find a Sales Rep

Longer term 3-5 year goals

– move into a new space, hopefully a storefront closer to home (the commute kills me)
– new space = more space, purchase a Windmill and learn how to print on it
– hire a full time employee


And now a few personal goals

Get finances together – buying a house has been expensive, and definitely an adjustment in terms of spending and money
Keep going to the gym – I was really good about working out regularly last year, and I want to keep that up in 2015
Read more books – Winter is the time for reading! I have 6 on my shelf ready to get into
Eat less sweets – I have a major sweet tooth, it is one of my vices that got out of hand over the holidays. I’ve found that if I allow myself to eat sweets on Sunday, it’s easier for me to resist for the rest of the week.
Personal relationships – Although there are still times that work can take over, over I felt good about my work-life balance last year. I want to continue to put energy into my friendships, my husband and my family while still working to improve and grow Steel Petal Press.


And that’s my 2014 in review!  You can also view 2013, 2012 and 2011 recaps on my blog. How was your 2014? Any big goals for 2015?

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