Behind the Scenes: Meet Our Newest Studio Member!

We were so delighted to recently bring Kat on board to help with all things Steel Petal Press, and invite you to get to know her a bit, too!
Name: Kat Wisniewski
Job title: Studio Manager/ Administrative Assistant
Describe your area of study and previous work, and how you think each relate to or lead your position at Steel Petal Press? 
I’ve worked in retail and management since 1994, both in big box stores and boutique environments. Through my work experience, I’ve learned to possess a keen eye for detail and also how to efficiently multi-task. In many previous positions, I’ve done various tedious, repetitive and simple tasks, where efficiency and speed are highly valued. I also own a home-based jewelry business, where I work online a lot and ship out orders regularly. These assets aid in my position at Steel Petal Press because I am responsible for quality controlling the product, shipping the product and general office duties.
What inspires you artistically?
Everything inspires me artistically. If I had to pick out a few things that I seek out for inspiration I’d say that I’m inspired by glass sculpture, fashion, colors, surrealism and minimalistic style.
What kinds of things do you do at the studio? What do you enjoy most?
I’m the only official in-studio employee, besides Shayna, which is a welcome change. I order the supplies, quality control everything, and ship out orders. I enjoy the boutique environment and working with minimal supervision. I also enjoy coming in early, so I can get the bulk of my work done with my music helping to push me through the morning.
What do you enjoy doing outside of the studio?
I keep extremely busy outside of the studio because I enjoy having multiple sources of income. What keeps me the busiest is the product photography work I do (out of my kitchen) for other jewelry artists. I also manage three online stores where I sell my jewelry and jewelry making supplies. Additionally, I have my pieces in a few retail locations, so I have to keep up with providing stock as things sell. Lastly, I write jewelry making projects for magazines and also teach jewelry making at various Chicagoland locations. Oh yeah, and I tend to my husband and pets everyday. They are what truly makes me happy, and they provide soothing comfort from my stressful multi-tasking.
What is your favorite Steel Petal Press card/product and why?
That’s easy! It’s the Holy Shit cards of course! What a simple design that many people respond to with laughter. These are great and this line of cards can be used for so many different occasions. By the way, I have an idea for a new Holy Shit card… TBDiscussed later. 
What would your perfect day in Chicago look like? 
My perfect day in my city (where I’ve lived my whole life), would include waking up to my kitty cats kissing my face, going out to a fun new place to eat with my husband, taking my doggie daughter out to a big park (like Horner Park), then going to a movie, museum or thrifting!


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