August Rewind – See Ya, Summer!

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In the *blink* of an eye, Summer is OUT and Fall is IN. But, we can promise you the last month of Summer was less like a vacation and more like one of the busiest months of our entire business year! Keep reading to see all the crazy, awesome shit that kept us super busy this August!

August 2019 NYNow
We ventured off to New York for our second ever NYNow tradeshow!

Shelby Shayna Smiling Airplane Selfie Jetsetter New York Now Tradeshow
Shayna (left) and Shelby (right) on the plane and ready for take-off to New York!

We felt much more confident and prepared than our previous time. One big (and positive) difference for this show is that we had a much better booth location. The Steel Petal Press booth was right up near the front and surrounded by other super awesome brands! This allowed for much more visibility and for potential clients to easily return to place an order on another day. ALSO, our pallet came in tact (unlike our last trade show) which was a huge relief. However, it wasn’t placed at our booth (but down the aisle) which caused us to panic until we found it! (THANKFULLY!)

New York Now NYNow Wholesale Trade show Steel Petal Press
Shelby writing up an order for a new account!

Overall, we ended with 26 total orders which was 1 more than the previous year’s show. We did do slightly less in sales than the first trade show, HOWEVER, the leads we received from this show were muuuuch better. In fact, we got about 3-4 more orders within a week of being home from our leads. These leads were definitely better than last year and are a huge factor we consider when evaluating if a trade show was successful for us.

Shelby Shayna Cute High Five Wholesale Tradeshow Booth Steel Petal Press
Shayna and Shelby share a high-five at the end of NYNow August 2019!

This show and location proved so successful for us that we have decided to try out the February NYNow in addition to the August one. This is a really big deal as we are literally doubling the amount of money and time we are putting into this trade show. However, we feel it’s totally worth it in order to meet new accounts, interact with our current accounts face-to-face, and continue our wholesale momentum.

Hiring Process

Steel Petal Press Hiring

Steel Petal Press has begun searching for 1-2 friendly faces for part-time, seasonal retail staff to help tackle the upcoming holidays. Know any knuckleheads (or maybe yourself?) that would be into it? Click HERE to go to the job listing and learn more information about the position and how to apply! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

New Website

Steel Petal Press Letterpress Greeting Cards Funny Gifts Website

FINALLY, after a lot of talk and discussion, we invested in a brand new website! It’s been a long time coming but we couldn’t be happier with how it turned – definitely worth the wait! Be sure to click the link and check it out!

Thank you so much for tuning into our August Rewind.
Until next month, XOXO!

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