~*Spooky Season at SPP*~

We absolutely love Halloween at Steel Petal Press so we take every opportunity to dress up the store AND ourselves to celebrate.

A new (and best) season calls for an incredible window display! This year we decided to go with a Halloween-inspired design. We thought bats were the perfect visual element to use and added some purple
string lights to “up” the eeriness at night!

Steel Petal Press Halloween Bats Spooky Creepy Retail Window Display
Our 2019 Fall/Halloween window!
Left: Daytime / Right: Nighttime

The seasonal section was decked out in Halloween gear from top to bottom! A few product themes we stocked up on this year?:
dark occult, mystic cats, and creepy skulls.

Halloween Spooky Season October Fall Skulls Occult Cats Products Available At Steel Petal Press
Check out this spooktacular seasonal section at our brick + mortar location!

Last, but not least, COSTUMES! We truly love a good costume – I mean, who doesn’t? Every year, we like to try and come up with a great group costume for everyone to wear who works at the store on Halloween. Last year, we landed on the 3 blind mice for the 3 ladies of SPP and it was super well received! Although a lot of people thought we were a
weird mouse version of the Robert Palmer girls, LOL!

Steel Petal Press Halloween Group Costumes 3 Blind Mice Robert Palmer Girls
Rachel (left), Shayna (middle), and Shelby (right) as the
3 Blind Mice of SPP for Halloween 2018!!!

You’ll have to stay tuned and check out our Instagram to see what our costumes will be these year!!! Leave us a comment about what you’re going to dress up as this Halloween.

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