Steel Petal Press on ABC News

It’s been a crazy few weeks trying to run a business and staying afloat during a global pandemic. I do have to say there have been some highs and some definite lows.

One of the highs came last week when I was interviewed for ABC news. The reporter came in at 11:30. We filmed some shots around the shop and around the studio and then sat down for an interview with masks on.

I was nervous to see the final result because you never know how they’re going to edit or interpret the story, but I was so happy with how it turned out! She did a really great job covering the story. Our years of hard work building a customer base (both wholesale and retail) disappearing overnight. Wholesale business has dropped to nothing and foot traffic to our retail shop has disappeared.

In the first few days of the pandemic, we rushed to get as much of our retail shop online. It has been a clunky process since our inventory system for our retail shop is completely independent from our online shop. We also had to reach out and let people know we’re still around. Social media, newsletters and good press have been key!

In addition to our bit on ABC news, we’ve also been in Chicago Magazine and Logan Squarist. The Logan Square Community Facebook Group has also been super supportive.

I feel soooo incredibly thankful for all the customers who have made purchases, sent us messages and shared our posts. Supporting local business is more important than ever. We feel so lucky to have such an amazing community and to work with such amazing customers.

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