June First 2020

June 1st makred 4 years as a retail shop in Logan Square. It seems like a really shitty time to be celebrating anything. I love this neighborhood: My business is here, I own a house here and I have called this neighborhood some since 2008.

My heart is breaking for so many reasons. Seeing innocent people murdered by police. Seeing Chicago go up in flames. Working to keep my employees safe, my business going during a pandemic. This past weekend has been particularly draining to say the least.

There have been peaceful protests on our block of Milwaukee Ave. There has also been looting: mostly liquor stores, phone shops, pharmacies and big box stores are being hit. (Looters would be supremely disappointed in our generally useless (yet funny!) selection of gift items.)

We are still here. The shop is still safe. Thank you to everyone who has reached out. I appreciate your support and kindness more than anything right now.

I have removed all our merchandise from our window and put up a “Black Lives Matter” sign in solidarity. *
Here are few images from the neighbors directly adjacent to us. Many are closed or preemptively boarded up.

I wanted to pop in here and say THANK YOU for being a part of the Steel Petal Press family for the last 4 years and for your support today and everyday. There are still somethings worth celebrating, even during dark times. Please stay safe out there #logansquare#chicago

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