Mother’s Day 2020 Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Welcome to the Steel Petal Press Mother’s Day 2020 gift guide.

Mother’s Day 2020 is coming up fast! These days we know so many parents are working double time having to home school AND work from home. Many of us adult kids won’t be able to see our Moms on Mother’s day due to shelter-in-place measures.

As always Steel Petal Press is here for you, we’re just doing it a little differently this year.

We’ve curated our MOTHER’S DAY section complete with Mother’s Day Cards, books, gifts and more. We have things for new moms, old moms, your friends that are moms, and your own mom.

We also have some great selling soaps and bath bombs. Does the mom in your life love cooking or kitchen items? Is she into journaling or puzzles?

Check out our MOTHERS DAY SECTION and show her some love!

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Custom Care Package Service!

Custom Care Packages

We are doing a new thing!! We have created a Custom Care Package service!

Let Steel Petal Press be your personal shopper! Pick your price point, tell us a little bit more about the person and we will pick our the perfect gift + ship it for you ♥️♥️

We have so many things in the shop that we can’t put everything online. We want to make shopping easier for you so we are offering you a CUSTOM CARE PACKAGE + SHIPPING SERVICE.


  1. Pick your price point (in the dropdown menu: $30 – $150)
  2. When you check out in the NOTES box please include a little bit about the recipient that could help us pick out the perfect gift: Age, Interests, Hobbies, Is Cursing OK?  (some categories we have are: cats, dogs, pop culture, camping, self care, booze, beer, soaps and baths, tarot etc)
  3. Let us know if this is for a specific event (birthday, graduation, mother’s day, new baby)
  4. If you want to include any specific items (ie: candles, puzzles, mugs etc.) please make note of it.
  5. Finally – Include your personalized message! No more than a few sentences please 🙂

We will put together a custom surprise care package for your loved one!
Shipping is included!!

Puzzle Mania

Puzzles in Chicago
Puzzles Available from Steel Petal Press

It’s been puzzle mania over here at Steel Petal Press. Puzzles come in and selling out within hours. We are trying our best to keep up with demands, but did you know there’s a national puzzle shortage? We are not surprised at all. Various news outlets are this new national obsession with puzzles. All time time spent indoors…

We have restocked puzzles HERE. They are selling out super fast, so if you see something you like be sure to grab it! There’s a good chance it will be gone tomorrow.

Frank Lloyd Wright Puzzles
Frank Lloyd Wright Puzzles

We are also continuing to add things to our Brick and Mortar ONLINE shop

Steel Petal Press on ABC News

It’s been a crazy few weeks trying to run a business and staying afloat during a global pandemic. I do have to say there have been some highs and some definite lows.

One of the highs came last week when I was interviewed for ABC news. The reporter came in at 11:30. We filmed some shots around the shop and around the studio and then sat down for an interview with masks on.

I was nervous to see the final result because you never know how they’re going to edit or interpret the story, but I was so happy with how it turned out! She did a really great job covering the story. Our years of hard work building a customer base (both wholesale and retail) disappearing overnight. Wholesale business has dropped to nothing and foot traffic to our retail shop has disappeared.

In the first few days of the pandemic, we rushed to get as much of our retail shop online. It has been a clunky process since our inventory system for our retail shop is completely independent from our online shop. We also had to reach out and let people know we’re still around. Social media, newsletters and good press have been key!

In addition to our bit on ABC news, we’ve also been in Chicago Magazine and Logan Squarist. The Logan Square Community Facebook Group has also been super supportive.

I feel soooo incredibly thankful for all the customers who have made purchases, sent us messages and shared our posts. Supporting local business is more important than ever. We feel so lucky to have such an amazing community and to work with such amazing customers.

Covid 19 Care Packages

Corona Virus Care Packages
Relax Bitch Care Package

We are shipping out Covid 19 Care Packages!

After Chicago officially announced its Shelter In Place measures we were hustling hard to get our shop online. As a business that relies heavily on foot traffic it’s been crazy few weeks figuring out the best ways to stay in business, keep our employees paid and still make money.

Although we are no longer taking any more walk-in business we have shifted to 100% online shopping. If you are in Chicago you can choose curbside pick up when you check out. We will email you once it’s ready to go. Pick up up times are in Chicago Monday through Friday; 11am – 5pm.

We are also shipping out to all locations across the USA.

If you are looking send a little love and joy – we have started curating We are shipping out Covid 19 Care Packages. We want you to help you spread love while keeping social distance. Place your order directly through our website. In the place where it says “Where did you find us” please leave a custom note to your friend and we can include it in your package!

Covid19 has been rough on many people for a variety of different reasons. We are thankful to still be a part of Logan Square and to stay in business even if it’s in a limited capacity.

We want to be here when this shit show is over!

✅Spread Love
✅Stay Safe
✅Support the little guys who are hardest hit.
❤️From myself and everyone on the SPP team, we can’t thank you enough for keeping us afloat in this uncertain time ❤️

FREE SHIP + Send Paper Hugs

What a crazy and surreal time to be alive.

At Steel Petal Press our mission has always been to share beauty and humor with the world through handmade stationery. We think, now – more than ever is the time to spread al little joy around.

We are still shipping out beautiful cards and funny gifts to help people laugh and connect through these dark times. To help spread the love we are offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders placed through our online shop

Starting today
Use the code: VIRTUALHUG in our ONLINE SHOP
and get FREE SHIPPING on everything!

Reach out to your family and friends, write letters and send more mail! Please consider supporting small, local businesses during this uncertain time. The whole world needs a little more love and Paper Hugs right now.


For those of you in the Chicago area – we are working to get our retail shop online… stay tuned for more details on that! We love you and we are ready to weather this storm together. ️️

Stuck Indoors Survival Guide

Wash your hands and stay inside!!

Rest assured Steel Petal Press is taking Covid-19 warnings seriously. We are remaining open and disinfecting all our surfaces regularly, washing our hands and being sure to respect safe social distance.

With so many more people hunkering down indoors over the next few weeks we wanted to share some ideas of how to keep yourself safe, occupied, entertained and SANE.

We are fully stocked on puzzles, coloring books, candles, journals, mental health trackers, journals and SOAP. Check out some of our recommendations — this is just a small sample of what we have at the shop!

Gray Malin Beach Puzzle
Two sided 500 piece puzzle for twice as much time at home

Chill the Fuck Out
Adult coloring book to help you relax during hard times.

24 Colored Pencils
Premium quality. Rich, vibrant color

Binge Watching Beauty Kit
Contains 14 beauty essentials from face roller, to socks, to decision coin

Multi Masking Kit
Contains 8 different face masks to last you at least a week indoors.

Daily Mood Tracker
The best way to deal with stress is to write it down.

Self Care Rocks Glass
Best way to destress

Tequila Shot Soap
Wash your hands with soap by Soap Distillery, another Chicago based maker.

You Got This Candle
If you’re stuck at home, at least make sure it smells good. Hand poured 100% soy candle from paddywax.

And — of course don’t forget our amazing selection of CARDS! Cards are the best way to send love from afar.
As a small, local business we rely on all our amazing customers. We love being a part of the Logan Square community and are ever thankful for your continued support
Steel Petal Press Shop location:
2321 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60647
M-F 11-7 | Sat 10-6 | Sun 11-4
Please stay safe and healthy out there

January Rewind – The Calm After The Storm!

January is always a welcomed break from the insanity of the holiday season. Don’t get us wrong, we still had plenty going on but it definitely gives us some time to breathe. Check out how we kicked off the new year in our January Rewind!

New Year, Happy 2020! – It’s a brand new decade which always fills the air with some exciting energy! The retail store was closed for 2 days in celebration which was a much needed break from the holiday madness. We are so thankful for all the support we received in 2019. We truly can’t wait to see what this year brings us. We love you all! 💞

Inventory – We also kicked off 2020 by doing the infamous “Full Inventory”…which basically means the store is closed for an extra 3 days so we can count EVERY. SINGLE. THING. IN. THE. STORE. (and also in our freaking warehouse!) This is a really important project because it allows us to figure out what we have to pay taxes on as well as start the new year with accurate inventory stock information. It’s such an undertaking with so many numbers and so many items to count. However, we have a great team who is able to even make doing inventory fun! The best part? We can show up in our pajamas! FUCK YEAH!

Steel Petal Press Wholesale Stationery Gift Brand From Chicago at AmericasMart Tradeshow
Here’s a look👀 at our booth from America’sMart January 2020 market!
Isn’t it so cute?!

America’sMart January 2020 – Shelby and Shayna hit the road again to the first market of the year! We enjoy doing the Atlanta Market because it’s a much more relaxed environment than in New York. There were no hiccups with our walls, electricity, or pallet…which is just how we like it! This makes set up so much easier.

Steel Petal Press Wholesale Stationery Gift Brand From Chicago at AmericasMart Tradeshow
Here’s a photo of Shayna with our beautifully, unharmed pallet!
Now it’s time to set up and kick some ass!

Overall, America’sMart is less busy than NYNow which impacts our sales (comparatively) but we enjoy doing this show because it’s in the southern region which is really underrepresented for us in terms of stockists. So, we want to get out there, on their turf so-to-speak, and be able to meet them and show southern stores how awesome we are. Overall, of the 23 orders we did, 18 WERE NEW…WHICH IS INCREDIBLE. We also have the opportunity to grow sales by following up with all of the leads we get at the show. These are incredibly valuable in growing the business so this adds to the value of going to shows. Until next time, ATL! ❤️️

Shelby Says Goodbye – Hey guys, it’s Shelby here and I just wanted to conclude this recap with the news that I am moving on from Steel Petal Press. It’s been an incredible 2.5 years here and it truly feels like I’m leaving my family. I don’t want to get any sappier than that but I just want to say thanks to everyone – whether you’ve worked at SPP, shopped at SPP, reached out on SPP social media, or visited with me at tradeshows – you helped me grow personally and professionally and man, didn’t we have some fucking fun along the way!? I can’t wait to see what life has in store for me and SPP in the future. Love you all SO, SO, SO MUCH.

Steel Petal Press

~*2020 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide*~

💕Valentine’s Day is meant to show your special someone just how special they are. Why not get them a card and gift you know they’ll love?💕

Whether you’re looking for something sweet or snarky, Steel Petal Press has plenty of gift options that’ll surely make them smile (and laugh!).

Enjoy our 2020 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide:

We’ve got gift ideas for girlfriends, wives, besties, and couples 😉
The best part? Everything above is $20 or LESS and currently in stock at our brick + mortar!
What are you waiting for?! Don’t be a slacker!!!

  • Ladies Night Truth or Dare
  • Detox Face Masks
  • Heart Sippy Cup
  • Love Bath Salts
  • Little Letters of Love
  • Cupid Dog Socks
  • Heart Trinket Dish
  • Heart Stud Earrings
  • Truth or Dare for Couples

And of course, we’ve got plenty of Love and Valentine’s cards which make the perfect addition to any gift. There are sweet ones, snarky ones, but most importantly the right one, for your sweetie!

Funny Sweet Snarky Handmade Letterpress Love Valentine's Day Greeting Cards
These 3 styles are brand new from our S/S 2020 Release!
Jackpot – $6 / Bone Zone – $6 / Imperfectly Perfect – $6
Funny Sweet Snarky Handmade Letterpress Love Valentine's Day Greeting Cards
Here are a few of our tried-and-true, classic styles including
our best sellers Favorite Craft ($6) and Cheesy Valentine ($6)

Happy shopping!

Steel Petal Press

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December Rewind – ‘Tis The Season!

We are running oh so behind on our monthly rewinds – UGH! It probably has something to do with us being busy as fuck! Anyway, here’s a few of the things we were up to in the month of December.
Enjoy our December Rewind:

Retail Madness – Overall, the month was EXTREMELY busy for our brick + mortar store because it’s Christmas…which means GIFTS GALORE! The support from our customers is overwhelming, but damn it it exhausting – LOL!

Participated in Holidays On The Square – We love our community so it was lovely being apart of this event again. It’s a fun way to promote all the great small businesses that keep our neighborhood thriving and unique! 💕

Holiday One Of A Kind (OOAK) – It’s that time of year again…Holiday OOAK! We do this particular market every year… It’s basically a Christmas tradition for us. The fact that it continues to be successful for us means the world! Part of our mission is to share beauty and humor with the world through our products, and thanks to your continued support, we get to keep doing just that!

Here’s a quick photo of our recent booth at Holiday OOAK

Shipped Pallet To America’s Mart – In Mid-January, we kick off back-to-back trade shows beginning with America’s Mart in Atlanta. In order to ensure our products arrive on time, we have to ship it on a pallet very far in advanced aka in December! It can be a nerve-wracking scenario because we’ve had pallets dropped and stuff go missing or get damaged – grrrr! However, this time around everything arrived safely which was a huge relief!

A photo of our pallet, safe and sound, at our booth for America’s Mart.

Park & Field Winter Market – This holiday season a local bar was testing out a small, Christmas-inspired winter market pop-up for small businesses in the neighborhood. We love the idea, however, it was an OUTDOOR MARKET. IN CHICAGO. IN DECEMBER. Skeptical? YES. While we had a fun time, it didn’t bring in much traffic, but ya know what? Sometimes you gotta try new things!

Finalized New Release – Our new release was finalized and we were able to make all of our new products available for sale in our retail shop and our website…just in time for Christmas! And, in spite of all the hard work and stress, we are super excited with the end result. Take a look at some of the new styles below 👇

Here’s just a FEW of the awesome new products we released for S/S 2020!

Thanks for checking out our December Rewind. Sorry for the delay but we hope it was worth it 😉 Check back for next month’s!

Steel Petal Press

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