Behind The Scenes – Mail Day

national stationery show 2015

Our National Stationery Show prep is really coming along. Today we’re working on our pre-show mailers. I love the way these are coming together, so many good details!

national stationery show

Beautifully hand addressed on eye-catching pink envelopes.

gold foil letterpress

Gold foil printing, always takes things up a notch!

letterpress business card

And my favorite part, tiny business card envelopes on the back! Who wouldn’t love to get one of these in the mail?!

Behind The Scenes – Show Prep

national stationery show 2015 The countdown to the National Stationery Show is on!

Letterpress Greeting Cards

There is so much to do in the next few weeks, but it’s all exciting things like making a new catalog and updating our deck.

letterpress gift tags

We will also be adding A LOT of new designs (and not just cards!) leading up to the show so keep an eye out for those, I can’t wait to share them!

Mexican Talavera Wedding Invitations

Mexican Talavera Wedding Invitations

Mexican Talavera Wedding Invitations

The Mexican Talavera Wedding Invitations are another design in my collection that started out as a custom design (one of my first in 2011!) and has been requested by couples and reprinted many times since! The lovely thing about this invitation is that you can customize the color palette to match your wedding.  Luckily Mexican weddings tend to be lively and full of color, so the possibilities are endless.

Mexican Talavera Wedding Invitations

Here are a few images for Mexican Wedding inspiration I’ve found around the web.

Mexican Wedding Inspiration

(image source)

Mexican Wedding Inspiration

(image source)

Talavera Wedding Decor

(image source)

You can view my the Mexican Talavera Wedding Invitation Suite on my website or check out my full collection HERE.

Mexican Talavera Wedding Invitations

Mexican Talavera Wedding Invitations

Behind The Scenes – Pink On The Press

letterpress ink

We have the press loaded up with cheerful pink ink today and we’re printing up stacks of bright greeting cards.

letterpress greeting cards

We’re also saying good bye to our intern Fuko today. She’s so sweet-she brought us fair well eclairs even though we spent most of her last day doing inventory! She is enjoying one last summer in Chicago before heading south to go to graduate school. Good luck Fuko-we’ll miss you and we’ll especially miss making you pose for blog photos ;)

lettepress studio


Mother’s Day Cards for 2015

Mother’s day is just around the corner! (May 11) and we’ve been busy packing and shipping our newest letterpress mother’s day cards to retailers across the country.

You can view all my Mother’s Day Cards on my website or in my etsy shop.

The newest card has all my friends with kids in mind. This is for parents to give to their baby mama. For purchase HERE.


Below are a few more of my favorites. Click each image to purchase the card online.

Letterpress Mother's Day Card Letterpress Mother's Day Card Letterpress Mother's Day Card





Out of 1700 contests Steel Petal Press was choses as the top 100 finalists for the FedEx small business grant!!

The top 100 finalists were selected based on several factors including their compelling business stories, product/service offered and votes received.

Thank you to everyone who voted!!!   View the top 100 HERE.

Now I need to submit an essay.

Of the top 100, 10 businesses will be awarded grant money and they will announce the winners APRIL 21st!
(everyone PLEASSSEE keep your fingers crossed for me)

Searching for a Commercial Space

Armitage5 If you follow me on instagram, then you’ve probably already seen the photo above.  It is a commercial space I have been courting for the last few weeks.

The space is a mile from my house, on a pretty busy street, beautiful windows with tons of light, HUGE square footage (more than I need) and the best part it was in my price range. The downside was it need a lot of work just to get up to par, but the affordable rent and the size made it SO appealing and perfect for me.


I looked at it once a few weeks ago, then came back a week later with my husband to get a second look.  The owners knew I was interested and were negotiating with me. I said I wanted to come back with a contractor to get estimates before I committed and they agreed.

I came back again this past Thursday with one contractor, and a again the next day. I still loved the space was REALLY interested in renting it.  That day, I had a gut feeling that if I didn’t put in an offer soon, they place would be taken by someone else, but I wanted to be prudent.  When I visited with building manager AND spoke with the owner on the phone, both of them said they wanted me in that space, and that they were waiting for me to make a decision.  I told them I really wanted it, but just need a few more days to decide.

The very next day, less than 12 hours later –  I got a text from the owner saying the space was taken!!  My heart was BROKEN.  (I even cried a little)  Even though, I knew I wanted the place, I had waited, and I was totally kicking myself for letting it get away.  I had envisioned how I would use each of the rooms, where presses would go, and how the retail would be laid out…  I guess there such thing as too cautious. First lesson learned is trust your gut! If he had not told me he would wait, I would have put in my deposit on Friday.


24 hours later – the more I’ve thought about it (and talked about it endlessly with my friends, my mom, my husband, on social media, pretty much everyone..) the more I’m coming to terms with the fact that it’s for the best.  How SHADY was it for the owner to tell me he wanted me in the space, and then give it to someone else without even contacting me first, or giving me a chance to put in an offer. I had put in an application. I had told him I wanted it.  And then he sends me a TEXT message (not even a phone call) to say it’s no longer available. I tried calling him afterwards to discuss what happened, and to see if there’s still a way we can work out a deal or at least I can get an explanation, but he has avoided my calls, and I’m pretty sure I won’t hear from him again.  Do I really want someone with that character as my landlord? Probably not.

I will find somewhere else and it will be fine.  It won’t be as big or cheap, but will be better in other ways. I just don’t know how yet.  I will end up paying more money for a smaller space, but I won’t have to invest as much money in build out.  Maybe it will be in a better location with better foot traffic? Still close to home, but with better street exposure.

In the meantime, I can focus my energies on gearing up for the National Stationery Show and other aspects of the business. AND I won’t have to invest so much of my own energy (and money) into restoring and building out someone else’s space..

Sigh…. what a roller coaster!

On a side/related note I’m sorry, I haven’t posted any NSS Prep updates yet this year, but I plan on posting some updates soon.  I hope you’re weekend was better than mine! Did you get up to anything fun?

Behind The Scenes – Making Room

letterpress studio

We JUST got new shelves, and they’re filling up fast!

letterpress cards

We’re releasing lots of new designs for the National Stationery Show in May. That means we’re saying goodbye to a few of our older styles.

letterpress sale cards

These and many other great cards are in the sale section now!

Vintage Lace Wedding Inspiration


Vintage Lace Wedding Inspiration

Lace Wedding Invitation

The vintage lace wedding invitation started out as a custom design in 2012 and has been a part of my letterpress wedding invitation collection every since. Brides are always drawn to the subtle lace pattern, the beautiful blind printing and the thick, luxurious paper.

The vintage lace wedding invitation would be a lovely compliment, setting the tone for a lace-themed wedding. Below is some great lace-themed inspiration I found around the web.

Be sure to check out the Vintage Lace Wedding Invitation on my site, or you can view my full collection HERE.

vintage romantic lace wedding lace backdrop

(above image source)

vintage romantic lace table runner

(image source)

Lace Wedding Invitation

Vintage Lace Wedding Inspiration

Meet Hillary, the newest letterpress intern!


Meet Hillary, our newest intern!  She started a few weeks ago and will be with us through the end of May (through all the National Stationery Show madness)

Here’s her little bio:

Hillary graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BFA in Graphic Design. She fell in love with the printing process during her last year of college and has been committed to learning new methods and skills. She loves that printing is a meticulous and hand-work driven process. While not working at Steel Petal Press, she is a graphic designer for a visual branding studio. In her free time she constantly contemplates getting a dog and spends too much money on plants. 
You’ll probably start seeing her pop up in my instagram feed soon enough.  We’re happy to have her!