~*Spooky Season at SPP*~

We absolutely love Halloween at Steel Petal Press so we take every opportunity to dress up the store AND ourselves to celebrate.

A new (and best) season calls for an incredible window display! This year we decided to go with a Halloween-inspired design. We thought bats were the perfect visual element to use and added some purple
string lights to “up” the eeriness at night!

Steel Petal Press Halloween Bats Spooky Creepy Retail Window Display
Our 2019 Fall/Halloween window!
Left: Daytime / Right: Nighttime

The seasonal section was decked out in Halloween gear from top to bottom! A few product themes we stocked up on this year?:
dark occult, mystic cats, and creepy skulls.

Halloween Spooky Season October Fall Skulls Occult Cats Products Available At Steel Petal Press
Check out this spooktacular seasonal section at our brick + mortar location!

Last, but not least, COSTUMES! We truly love a good costume – I mean, who doesn’t? Every year, we like to try and come up with a great group costume for everyone to wear who works at the store on Halloween. Last year, we landed on the 3 blind mice for the 3 ladies of SPP and it was super well received! Although a lot of people thought we were a
weird mouse version of the Robert Palmer girls, LOL!

Steel Petal Press Halloween Group Costumes 3 Blind Mice Robert Palmer Girls
Rachel (left), Shayna (middle), and Shelby (right) as the
3 Blind Mice of SPP for Halloween 2018!!!

You’ll have to stay tuned and check out our Instagram to see what our costumes will be these year!!! Leave us a comment about what you’re going to dress up as this Halloween.

Steel Petal Press

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Trick-or-Treat with SPP!

We’re so excited to be apart of the local trick-or-treat outing this year! We’ll be handing out candy from 3-6pm and “awww”ing our faces of at all the adorable little kids in costumes.

Chicago 2019 Trick Or Treat Halloween
Stop by and see us for all treats and just a few tricks this Halloween!
Our brick + mortar store is located at 2321 N. Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago.

Side note – the Steel Petal Press staff will also be in costume because we want candy too. Here’s a throwback to last years costumes:

3 Blind Mice Halloween Costume at Steel Petal Press
The 3 Blind Mice of Steel Petal Press

Gift Guide For Witchy Babes!

It’s your season so here’s a gift guide just for you.

If someone you know (or even yourself wink) are keen on the creepy or interested in the eerie, then we’ve got some great gift ideas!

Witchy Babes Spooky Season Halloween Gift Guide From Steel Petal Press
Top Picks For Our Witchy Babe Gift Guide!

Need to grab a gift for someone who’s keen on the creepy? We’ve got you covered. Check out our featured top picks that are ALL available at our brick + mortar location RIGHT NOW. (But not for long, so get yours quick!)

Item details: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
1. Bravery In The Face of Ghosts altar candle from Last Craft Designs ($18) *CHICAGO LOCAL COMPANY*⠀⠀⠀⠀
2. Tattoo Tarot deck ($17.99) / Spark Magic 50 Ways To Find Your Power from ($12.95) / The Book of Black ($15.99) all from Chronicle Books⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
3. Starry Witchcat Enamel Pin ($12) / Third Eye With Sticker ($4) / Moonphase Cat Bookmark ($2) all from Bees Knees Industries⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
4. Mini Bat Journal from World Buyers Club ($4)⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
5. Halloween Sticker Sheet from The Good Twin ($6)⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
6. White Sage Stick + Crystal pouch from Cast of Stones ($15)⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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Spring 2020 New Release – Part I

Can you believe we already have to start thinking and planning for our 2020 NEW RELEASE?! It’s bonkers…but true. It’s a time that’s full of mixed emotions: stress, excitement, frustration, happiness, and many more! However, the process of creating a New Release is integral in moving the brand forward in creative and compelling ways. It reminds our current shoppers why they love us and creates another opportunity to “woo” new customers.

To kick off a New Release, it’s allllll about creativity! We begin brainstorming and sharing ideas for cards and other gift items we make such as stickers, mugs, or even bookmarks. For this release, we are focusing on Mom, Dad, Grad, and Love cards as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation, and Valentine’s Day will be the biggest upcoming holidays people will need cards for! For our gift items, we have a little more design freedom since these items aren’t geared towards a specific holiday.

Steel Petal Press New Release Letterpress Greeting Cards for Every Occasion Mother Day Fathers Day Valentines Birthday
Here we see initial ideas being presented for
further comments, questions, and critiques.

While this process can be fun, it can also be very tiring. It takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks from start to finish although we are ALWAYS thinking of new ideas so it never really stops. Additionally, it can be difficult to look at the same thing for so long and to constantly be listening to a pool of different opinions (but we truly value hearing them!).

Steel Petal Press New Release Letterpress Greeting Cards for Every Occasion Mother Day Fathers Day Valentines Birthday
Here we have Rachel (left), Dan (middle), and Shayna (right) discussing some of the
ideas and any necessary changes needed to make it stronger…
PLUS COFFEE (also a very important component of the design process, LOL!)

However for this release, the creative portion went a lot smoother than normal . At the end of only 2.5 weeks, we have a solid 27 NEW ITEMS that are completed and ready to move onto the next part of the process. That’s absolutely incredible, and to make it even better, we couldn’t be happier with the products we’ve created.

Steel Petal Press New Release Letterpress Greeting Cards for Every Occasion Mother Day Fathers Day Valentines Birthday Stickers Prince Pizza Yoda
A little teaser of a few of the finalized designs for the
Spring 2020 New Release from Steel Petal Press.

That’s a wrap…of this portion! In Part II, we’ll show a behind-the-scenes look into how these products are produced, including in-house and out-source creation. Stay tuned.

Steel Petal Press Letterpress Handmade Stationery Greeting Cards Instagram
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September Rewind – Fast Forward to Fall

We didn’t so much “fall” into Fall as it fast forwarded and smacked us right on our heads! These seasons are changing so quickly but we’re staying as busy as ever which is a good thing… we think. Find out what we were up to in September by reading our September Rewind!

Goodbye September Hello October Steel Petal Press Month Rewind Recap Blog

Renegade Craft Fair
Steel Petal Press is no stranger to Renegade Craft Fair as we show it every time it’s in Chicago! We always do really well at this show because it draws a huge crowd of people who are interested in small, creative businesses. However, it is a big time commitment. There’s a lot of organizing, packing, and set up involved which also means 1-2 bodies are required to be there and away from the studio. It can be a very stressful situation but we do our best to have fun with it, too!

People Shopping Greeting Cards From Steel Petal Press Renegade Craft Fair September 2019 Chicago

This year we were blessed with fairly good weather which will make or break an outdoor event. It rained a little bit overnight and into Saturday morning but it cleared up by the time people were out shopping! In the end, the 2019 September show did BETTER than 2018’s with more transactions and an overall higher sales revenue total – YAY! We love seeing progress like that being made year to year and helps us gauge what events are worth doing and which ones might not be worth the investment. It’s safe to say you’ll be seeing at Renegade Craft Fairs for a long time 🙂

Handmade Letterpress Greeting Cards From Steel Petal Press

Spooktacular Window Display
We change our window with each change of the season, so once Fall hit, it meant it was time for us to update our window display! Typically, we do something Fall-related but this year we went a different direction: A Halloween Window! Halloween is one of our staff’s favorite holidays so it was weird we had never done a window inspired by it! Without further ado, here’s Steel Petal Press’s new retail window (ps, we’re totally batty over it!):

Steel Petal Press Retail Window Display Halloween Bats Spooktacular Brick And Mortar Store
Here’s a photo of it from the day time.
Come check it out at our brick + mortar store located at 2321 N Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago!

BUT, not everything is as it appears in the day time photo…there’s one small detail that isn’t visible but “ups” the spook factor. Check out the night time photo:

Steel Petal Press Retail Window Display Halloween Bats Spooktacular Brick And Mortar Store
Look at those spooky purple lights! It’s the perfect touch for the Halloween season.
Come check it out at our brick + mortar store located at 2321 N Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago!

Staff Picture Day
Shayna’s super talented friend, Jenn, is a photographer so she came in to take some new, updated photos of the store and staff! These photos are used for EVERYTHING including social media and marketing material. It can definitely be a little awkward getting our pictures taken because it feels so unnatural but we have a honestly BLAST with it. We’re so happy with how they turned out, and while we can’t share them ALL on the blog, here’s a great group portrait, LOL:

Cute Funny Group Photo Steel Petal Press Team
Look how cute we ARE!
Wanna see more hilarious/awesome photos?
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Holiday Hiring – Welcome Christina!
As you may have seen on our social media or in our previous blog post, we began the journey of hiring holiday help. The entire hiring process can be a really stressful one. It’s A LOT of time and repetition, add that into preparing for the busiest time of the year, and it can be very draining. We were a little worried at first because we seemed to have fewer applicants than previous years, however – QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. We are so happy to announce the addition of Christina to our team for the season. Be sure to stop by the store in the upcoming months and say “Hi!”

Thank you so much for tuning into our September Rewind.
Until next month, XOXO!

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FA LOL LOL LOL LOL – *NEW* Holiday Cards from Steel Petal Press

Give the gift of laughter this year with a little (or a lotta) help from Steel Petal Press’s new Holiday Cards.

Funny Snarky Silly Handmade Holiday Christmas Letterpress Greeting Cards From Steel Petal Press
Left to right: Happy Freakin’ Holidays card ($6) / Christmas Spirits card ($6) /
Merriest Christmas card ($6)

Our Holiday cards were created with both the naughty and nice in mind so we’ve got something anyone and everyone will enjoy! Not to mention, they’re all designed, printed, and packaged by hand in our studio (which is way cooler than Santa’s workshop, no offense).

Funny Snarky Silly Handmade Holiday Christmas Letterpress Greeting Cards From Steel Petal Press
We’ve got Holiday-themed money holders, too!
(because let’s be honest, money is the best gift of all, right?)
Left to Right: Merry CASHmas money holder card ($6) /
Happy HoliPAYDAYS money holder card ($6)

Be sure to also check out our expanded Regional Holiday Card line!
Find your city and fill it with a little Holiday joy for your loved ones both near and far. 💕

Funny Snarky Silly Handmade Holiday Christmas Letterpress Greeting Cards Regional San Francisco Southern California From Steel Petal Press
Left to Right: Season’s Greetings SoCal ($6) / Season’s Greetings San Francisco ($6) /
Season’s Greetings California ($6)
Funny Snarky Silly Handmade Holiday Christmas Letterpress Greeting Cards Regional Seattle Portland Oregon From Steel Petal Press
Left To Right: Season’s Greetings Seattle ($6) / Season’s Greetings Portland ($6)

These cards (along with so much more) are available for purchase at our brick & mortar store or you can shop 24/7 on our website!

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August Rewind – See Ya, Summer!

Goodbye August Hello September Banner

In the *blink* of an eye, Summer is OUT and Fall is IN. But, we can promise you the last month of Summer was less like a vacation and more like one of the busiest months of our entire business year! Keep reading to see all the crazy, awesome shit that kept us super busy this August!

August 2019 NYNow
We ventured off to New York for our second ever NYNow tradeshow!

Shelby Shayna Smiling Airplane Selfie Jetsetter New York Now Tradeshow
Shayna (left) and Shelby (right) on the plane and ready for take-off to New York!

We felt much more confident and prepared than our previous time. One big (and positive) difference for this show is that we had a much better booth location. The Steel Petal Press booth was right up near the front and surrounded by other super awesome brands! This allowed for much more visibility and for potential clients to easily return to place an order on another day. ALSO, our pallet came in tact (unlike our last trade show) which was a huge relief. However, it wasn’t placed at our booth (but down the aisle) which caused us to panic until we found it! (THANKFULLY!)

New York Now NYNow Wholesale Trade show Steel Petal Press
Shelby writing up an order for a new account!

Overall, we ended with 26 total orders which was 1 more than the previous year’s show. We did do slightly less in sales than the first trade show, HOWEVER, the leads we received from this show were muuuuch better. In fact, we got about 3-4 more orders within a week of being home from our leads. These leads were definitely better than last year and are a huge factor we consider when evaluating if a trade show was successful for us.

Shelby Shayna Cute High Five Wholesale Tradeshow Booth Steel Petal Press
Shayna and Shelby share a high-five at the end of NYNow August 2019!

This show and location proved so successful for us that we have decided to try out the February NYNow in addition to the August one. This is a really big deal as we are literally doubling the amount of money and time we are putting into this trade show. However, we feel it’s totally worth it in order to meet new accounts, interact with our current accounts face-to-face, and continue our wholesale momentum.

Hiring Process

Steel Petal Press Hiring

Steel Petal Press has begun searching for 1-2 friendly faces for part-time, seasonal retail staff to help tackle the upcoming holidays. Know any knuckleheads (or maybe yourself?) that would be into it? Click HERE to go to the job listing and learn more information about the position and how to apply! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

New Website

Steel Petal Press Letterpress Greeting Cards Funny Gifts Website

FINALLY, after a lot of talk and discussion, we invested in a brand new website! It’s been a long time coming but we couldn’t be happier with how it turned – definitely worth the wait! Be sure to click the link and check it out!

Thank you so much for tuning into our August Rewind.
Until next month, XOXO!

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New Release – Mental Health Trackers

Notepads to track your mental health on a daily or weekly basis

The last (but definitely not least) of our newest release is our Mental Health Trackers! These notepads a new product category for Steel Petal Press. They also mark the beginning of me talking more openly about Mental Health.

Mental Health is an issue that is near and dear to my heart. Having Steel Petal Press as a public company I wanted to be able to use this platform as a way to share my story and to help others feel less alone.

There was quite a bit of discussion about what would be constructive way to use Steel Petal Press as a platform. Would I just share my story on Social Media? Take the form of written blog posts? Be a product I created? What would that product look like?

I wanted more than an inspirational quote or words of encouragement. When someone is suffering from mental health issues inspirational seem trite and hopeless. (For me they actually made me feel worse.) I wanted to create a product that would actually be helpful, while also help me tell my story. My goal is to help others feel less alone. After much thinking, and overthinking, I decided to create these notepads.

I designed these Mental Health Trackers as a tool to aid anyone looking to improve their emotional well-being. The simple act of writing down your emotions on paper can often help us see the causes – and therefore – solutions more clearly.

It was a difficult decision for me to talk about my mental health issues publicly, but it’s a conversation that needs to be had. As vulnerable and uncomfortable as sharing my story makes me feel, the thought that it could help someone far outweighs the negatives.

Not only do I want to destigmatize the public opinion of what it means to struggle with mental illness but shed light on how isolating, painful and dangerous it can be.

I want to share my story but also the stories of others, because no one experience is the same. The more we talk about mental health the better we can understand each other, maybe together we can lessen the stigma and shame by sharing our experiences. I hope that through story telling, it can help others who are suffering can help feel a little less alone.

*~’Tis The Season To Work At Steel Petal Press~*

Steel Petal Press Gift And Stationery Brick And Mortar Store

Our little family is looking for part-time retail sales help during the holiday rush — could it be you?

We want 1-2 friendly faces for part-time, seasonal retail staff to help tackle the upcoming holidays. Sound like something you’d be into? FUCK YEAH! Click the craigslist link to learn more specifics about the job and what exactly we’re looking for!


We are a greeting card company with a small gift shop in Logan Square and our little family is looking for part-time retail sales help during the holiday rush — could it be you?
Learn more about our shop and what we do here: https://www.steelpetalpress.com/pages/brick-mortar

What We Need:
– This is a temporary retail sales position needed October 2019 through January 2020 (with the possibility of 
becoming permanent based on performance)
– Approximately 5-15 hrs a week with the option to pick up more hours as needed/wanted
*Please note: you will not be scheduled for ALL of these days!!*
– *Preferred* Potential employee lives in or near Logan Square 
– Overall: an upbeat, positive person who loves working retail, with an aptitude for customer service and working in 
a fast paced environment!

What You Need:
– At least 2+ years of retail/customer service experience
– Strong attention to detail
– A friendly demeanor and a love of working with people
– A cheerful attitude and fun personality
– Reliability and a great work ethic 
– Ability to work well independently and as part of a team 
– Ability to effectively multi-task
– Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
– An eagerness to learn and do new things

This position will focus mostly on customer service tasks in our retail shop such as: 
– Cheerfully approaching customers and helping them locate items
– Energetic, friendly and efficient cashiering 
– General friendly customer service interactions on-brand with Steel Petal Press (fun and not too sales-y)
But, will also include tasks like:
– Sleeving and enveloping greeting cards
– Maintaining a clean and tidy retail shop appearance 
– Light retail merchandising

Does this sound like you? Cool! Follow the application steps below and we’ll see if you are a good fit for us.
Please note, applicants without the ideal experience will still be considered! 
To apply: 
-Research our company and showcase that you understand a bit about what we do and who we are
-Email your COVER LETTER explaining why you feel you would be a great fit for this position and our company (Tips on writing a great cover letter:http://theeverygirl.com/7-tips-to-write-the-perfect-cover-letter).
-Email your RESUME or work history.
*If steps are not followed as listed, your application will not be accepted!*


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Steel Petal Press returns to Renegade Craft Fair!

Renegade Craft Fair Chicago

Renegade Craft Fair’s fall festival takes over Division Street in Wicker Park, where makers from across the nation will be selling their handmade art and wares, including jewelry, pottery, prints, T-shirts and more. When you’re not browsing the offerings of more than 400 vendors, you’ll enjoy food from local restaurants, cool drinks and hot tunes being spun by Chicago DJs.

It’s our 10th year selling greeting cards and home goods at Renegade Craft Fair Chicago. (our first year was 2010 — can you believe?!) Here’s a fun little post I did recapping my first few years at Renegade Craft Fair. And you can see recaps of all my show posts HERE.

Steel Petal Press will be at BOOTH 167 — at the very east Entrance at the corner of Division and Marshfield. This is always our favorite show of the year!! The weather is perfect and Chicago is holding onto the last days of summer before winter hits and everyone goes into hibernation for the winter. We hope to see you there!

Saturday, September 7 + Sunday September 8th | 11a – 7pm
The Facebook event is HERE.

For more info, visit: https://www.renegadecraft.com/fair/chicago-fall