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FA LOL LOL LOL LOL – *NEW* Holiday Cards from Steel Petal Press

Give the gift of laughter this year with a little (or a lotta) help from Steel Petal Press’s new Holiday Cards.

Funny Snarky Silly Handmade Holiday Christmas Letterpress Greeting Cards From Steel Petal Press
Left to right: Happy Freakin’ Holidays card ($6) / Christmas Spirits card ($6) /
Merriest Christmas card ($6)

Our Holiday cards were created with both the naughty and nice in mind so we’ve got something anyone and everyone will enjoy! Not to mention, they’re all designed, printed, and packaged by hand in our studio (which is way cooler than Santa’s workshop, no offense).

Funny Snarky Silly Handmade Holiday Christmas Letterpress Greeting Cards From Steel Petal Press
We’ve got Holiday-themed money holders, too!
(because let’s be honest, money is the best gift of all, right?)
Left to Right: Merry CASHmas money holder card ($6) /
Happy HoliPAYDAYS money holder card ($6)

Be sure to also check out our expanded Regional Holiday Card line!
Find your city and fill it with a little Holiday joy for your loved ones both near and far. 💕

Funny Snarky Silly Handmade Holiday Christmas Letterpress Greeting Cards Regional San Francisco Southern California From Steel Petal Press
Left to Right: Season’s Greetings SoCal ($6) / Season’s Greetings San Francisco ($6) /
Season’s Greetings California ($6)
Funny Snarky Silly Handmade Holiday Christmas Letterpress Greeting Cards Regional Seattle Portland Oregon From Steel Petal Press
Left To Right: Season’s Greetings Seattle ($6) / Season’s Greetings Portland ($6)

These cards (along with so much more) are available for purchase at our brick & mortar store or you can shop 24/7 on our website!

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Holiday Gift Guide For Pet People!

Christmas gifts are all about buying something your friends, family, and loved ones are sure to enjoy. However, what do you get a person who considers their furry family as important as their human one (which is pretty easy to do, let’s be honest!). Here’s a simple solution: check out our Holiday Gift Guide For Pet People! It’s sure to have the perfect gift for any cat and/or dog (or BOTH) lovers in your life!

Pet Lover Gift Guide

Socks make a great gift for anyone but we have some hilarious styles that feature hilarious sentiments for feline or canine fans! Better yet, they come in at only $10.50-$11.50!

Puzzles make the perfect cold weather activity because you don’t have the leave the comfort of your warm home to do it! However, a puzzle fit for a pet person must include cats or dogs, of course! No worries, we have both! 🙂

Tea Towels:
Tea Towels make can make a fun and funny home decor statement. Steel Petal Press carries a variety of styles from Blue Q with laughable cat and dog quotes. Better yet, they’re only $14!

Cat Mug Garden:
These are new to our brick & mortar location this year but make a great for cat lovers (or plant lovers!) This mug is a small hydroponic garden which can then be used to enjoy a favorite beverage once the plant removed. Plus, look at that cute kitty design…what’s not to like!

Cat/Dog Butt Magnets:
These funny butt magnets, featuring both dog and cat butts, have been a fan favorite every holiday season at our store!

Steel Petal Press makes a variety of awesome holiday cards but our “Meowy Catmus“, which comes in singles ($6) or boxed ($16) is the perfect combination of punny and kitty.

We are at the end of the Holiday Gift Guide For Pet People which means you have the difficult task of picking which awesome suggestion you want to buy (sorry, not sorry!) But, on the bright side, you know your favorite pet person is sure to love it no matter what!

Happy shopping!

Be sure to stop by our brick & mortar store (and shop our Steel Petal Press products online) to browse these awesome products AND MORE!

‘Tis The Season To Spread Holiday Cheer With Steel Petal Press Cards!

Ho, Ho, HOLY SH*T – the holiday season is fast approaching, and before you go and get into the “spirit”(s) *wink wink*, pick out a couple of our awesome Holiday cards that’ll make your family happy…or at least get them off your back!
Our new and classic Holiday card styles range from sentimental to snarky so Steel Petal Press is a one-stop shop for all your loved ones …
whether they’ve been naughty:
 or nice:
We know the holiday season can be stressful, but luckily for you, we’ve made picking the perfect card easy.
Don’t forget – Steel Petal Press also has all of your other gifting needs covered too including kickass gift bags, tags, and wraps:
All of these holiday items (along with much, much more!) can be browsed and purchased online through our super convenient website: Click here!