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October Rewind – Gettin’ Spooky at SPP

Goodbye October Hello November Banner Month Rewind From Steel Petal Press

October went by SCARY fast but we had plenty going on to keep as busy as bees! Check out what we did this past month in our October Rewind.

Quarterly Inventory:
Every business quarter, so roughly 4x a year, we conduct a inventory of all of our warehouse items. A majority of these items are the SPP products such as cards, magnets, gift bags, etc. that are waiting to be shipped for online/wholesale orders OR to be placed/sold in our retail store.

Letterpress Greeting Cards Counting Inventory
Here’s Shelby counting some of our cards but this is an ALL HANDS ON DECK task so every member of SPP is scheduled to help until the task is complete!

Once everything is counted (BY HAND!), our Shipping Manager Rachel compares the hand counted numbers to the ones found in our inventory management system. The ultimate goal is to have everything match…but of course that’s highly unlikely due to human error. So, she does her best to reconcile and account for the any differences and we start fresh with accurate numbers for next quarter. The best part of inventory? THE TACOS THAT SHAYNA BUYS US!

Finalized/Printed New 2020 Release:
YOU READ THAT RIGHT – We finished our first release for 2020. All of our new cards were printed in house (per usual) but we also created some really cool new stickers, mugs, mental health trackers, and even funny little desk notepads! In total, there’s roughly 27 new items coming your way. To learn more about these new styles, be sure to check out Part II of our New Release Journey blog series that’ll be dropping in the next week or 2.

In the mean time, here’s a sneak peek at some of those new items:

Letterpress Greeting Cards Small Women Owned Business Gift Shop New Items Chicago
Cards, and stickers, and notepads – OH MY!

We freakin’ love Halloween. There’s nothing much more to say than that…so enjoy a few photos from Halloween 2019 at Steel Petal Press:

Steel Petal Press Chicago Stationery And Gift Store Shop Local Shop Small Business
The scariest thing about Halloween this year?
Halloween 2019 At Steel Petal Press DIY Pop Culture Costumes
Here’s a few of Team SPP’s costumes: (left to right)
1. Rachel as Count Rach-ula
2. Shayna as Billie Eilish
3. Shelby as 1980’s Eleven (Season 3 of Stranger Things)
Halloween 2019 Mario Toad Toddler Baby Costume
Adorable trick-or-treater dressed as Toad from Mario

Planning for America’s Mart AND NYNow 2020:
For the first time in Steel Petal Press history, we are doing back-to-back shows starting in 2020. To kick off the new year, we’ll be attending America’s Mart (ATL) in mid-January and then heading off to NYNow (NYC) the first of February. We’ve finalized our booth locations (ATL: #7-2509/ NYC: #7215) but in the coming months we’ll be planning EVERYTHING else. Stay tuned for more updates…

Thanks for checking out our October Rewind. We have so much more exciting news to fill you in on as the busiest months approach so be sure to come back and read all about it πŸ™‚

Steel Petal Press

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September Rewind – Fast Forward to Fall

We didn’t so much “fall” into Fall as it fast forwarded and smacked us right on our heads! These seasons are changing so quickly but we’re staying as busy as ever which is a good thing… we think. Find out what we were up to in September by reading our September Rewind!

Goodbye September Hello October Steel Petal Press Month Rewind Recap Blog

Renegade Craft Fair
Steel Petal Press is no stranger to Renegade Craft Fair as we show it every time it’s in Chicago! We always do really well at this show because it draws a huge crowd of people who are interested in small, creative businesses. However, it is a big time commitment. There’s a lot of organizing, packing, and set up involved which also means 1-2 bodies are required to be there and away from the studio. It can be a very stressful situation but we do our best to have fun with it, too!

People Shopping Greeting Cards From Steel Petal Press Renegade Craft Fair September 2019 Chicago

This year we were blessed with fairly good weather which will make or break an outdoor event. It rained a little bit overnight and into Saturday morning but it cleared up by the time people were out shopping! In the end, the 2019 September show did BETTER than 2018’s with more transactions and an overall higher sales revenue total – YAY! We love seeing progress like that being made year to year and helps us gauge what events are worth doing and which ones might not be worth the investment. It’s safe to say you’ll be seeing at Renegade Craft Fairs for a long time πŸ™‚

Handmade Letterpress Greeting Cards From Steel Petal Press

Spooktacular Window Display
We change our window with each change of the season, so once Fall hit, it meant it was time for us to update our window display! Typically, we do something Fall-related but this year we went a different direction: A Halloween Window! Halloween is one of our staff’s favorite holidays so it was weird we had never done a window inspired by it! Without further ado, here’s Steel Petal Press’s new retail window (ps, we’re totally batty over it!):

Steel Petal Press Retail Window Display Halloween Bats Spooktacular Brick And Mortar Store
Here’s a photo of it from the day time.
Come check it out at our brick + mortar store located at 2321 N Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago!

BUT, not everything is as it appears in the day time photo…there’s one small detail that isn’t visible but “ups” the spook factor. Check out the night time photo:

Steel Petal Press Retail Window Display Halloween Bats Spooktacular Brick And Mortar Store
Look at those spooky purple lights! It’s the perfect touch for the Halloween season.
Come check it out at our brick + mortar store located at 2321 N Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago!

Staff Picture Day
Shayna’s super talented friend, Jenn, is a photographer so she came in to take some new, updated photos of the store and staff! These photos are used for EVERYTHING including social media and marketing material. It can definitely be a little awkward getting our pictures taken because it feels so unnatural but we have a honestly BLAST with it. We’re so happy with how they turned out, and while we can’t share them ALL on the blog, here’s a great group portrait, LOL:

Cute Funny Group Photo Steel Petal Press Team
Look how cute we ARE!
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Holiday Hiring – Welcome Christina!
As you may have seen on our social media or in our previous blog post, we began the journey of hiring holiday help. The entire hiring process can be a really stressful one. It’s A LOT of time and repetition, add that into preparing for the busiest time of the year, and it can be very draining. We were a little worried at first because we seemed to have fewer applicants than previous years, however – QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. We are so happy to announce the addition of Christina to our team for the season. Be sure to stop by the store in the upcoming months and say “Hi!”

Thank you so much for tuning into our September Rewind.
Until next month, XOXO!

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July Month Rewind!

Happy 4th of July!
Ahh, America’s birthday! It’s one of the few holidays we actually close the store down to celebrate with friends and family! Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July πŸ™‚

Sorry Were Closed Steel Petal Press 4th Of July Sign

Ladies Of Logan Square Pop-Up
We honestly couldn’t have been more excited to be apart of this new pop-up series. It’s intention was to celebrate female-owned businesses around our Chicago neighborhood and connecting face-to-face with the customer that shop our store daily. It was full of lots of laughs and awesome ladies.

Cute Awesome Ladies Girl Power Mug Sassy Snarky Logan Square Pop Up
Shelby and Shayna havin’ a damn good time at Ladies of Logan Square Pop-Up!

SPP Garage Sale – wah, wah, waaaaah
With the beautiful Chicago summer in full swing, we thought it’d be an awesome idea to have our very own little Garage Sale/Sidewalk Sale. However, the unpredictable weather caused us to get rained out! Maybe next year…

Steel Petal Press Garage Sale Sidewalk Sale Summer Time In Chicago
Spoiler Alert…IT DID…

July 29th – Shelby’s Birthday!
Shelby, our Marketing and Office Manager, celebrated her 28th birthday on July 29th. We love birthdays and we love our team so you can imagine how much we love celebrating a team member’s birthday πŸ˜‰

Thanks for checking in on team SPP! We can’t wait to share with you the details of our busy August πŸ™‚

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June Month Rewind!

It’s June and Summer is finally kicking into full gear. It’s been a wet and rainy but that hasn’t slowed us down any. Take a look at our June Month Rewind!

Goodbye June Hello July Steel Petal Press Month Rewind

Happy Father’s Day!
On June 16th, we helped celebrate everything that makes our Dad’s silly, ridiculous, and downright awesome! We love our collection of Father’s Day cards but we love that we get to share them with your Dads even more!.

Funny Sweet Silly Letterpress Father's Dad Day Cards From Steel Petal Press

New Retail Window Display!
This is one of the most fun and most difficult tasks we do at Steel Petal Press. It’s important to us that our window displays look beautiful and eye-catching…but it sure does require a lot of work! It was well worth it for this season’s window because it looks amazing. We drew inspiration from our favorite part of Summer: plants and leafy greens.

Summer Plants Leafy Green Monstera Retail Store Steel Petal Press Window
Look how pretty it is!

Working On the New Release!
With the August deadline beginning to appear on the horizon, we used the month of June to power through some important aspects of our upcoming release. Although it is going to be much smaller than previous releases, what makes this one so special is that we are introducing 3 brand new product categories (as in, WE’VE NEVER DONE THEM BEFORE!!!) Those categories are stickers, wine bags, and daily tracker. But of course, we have a few leafy-inspired card styles coming out, too! We honestly couldn’t be more excited to finalize the release but we can show you some sneak peeks of these new products…but it’ll be our little secret *wink, wink*

Funny Sassy Stickers Emotional Daily Trackers New Release Items From Steel Petal Press
Left: Our new line of stickers featuring popular design elements from other SPP items! Right: Our new line of Daily Trackers to guide personal assessment of mental health
Left: The press plates for our new plant design cards.
Right: Final prints of our new plant design cards.

Shayna Went To Alaska!
In June, Shayna took her longest vacation since opening the Steel Petal Press brick + mortar location! She and her family went on a 10 day trip to Alaska. The photos were beautiful, and she had a lovely time, but it’s nice to have her back!

Denali National Park And Preserve Alaska Vacation
Just a few (of many) photos Shayna took on her grand Alaskan adventure!

Thanks for tuning in to see what we did for the month of June!
See you next month πŸ™‚

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May Month Rewind!

Hey there, we’ve survived and thrived for another busy, busy, busy month. It’s time to take a look at what Steel Petal Press was up to in May in our May Month Rewind.

Chicago Print Crawl Was A Success!

Chicago Print Crawl Letterpress Printmaking Industry
We ran our presses all day on Saturday and our printer was open for
questions and comments from the public!

The Chicago Print Crawl was an awesome opportunity for Steel Petal Press to share a more in-depth look at our presses and letterpress as a whole with the public! We had so much fun and hope to be able to do it again next year!

Matt & Bailey’s Wedding

This was a very unique and special event for SPP as it was the first time one of our employees got married while they worked here! Matt has been with us for a little over 3 years and we love him (and his now wife, Bailey!) so much! The entire staff went to celebrate…but mostly to enjoy the open bar, haha! Here’s some photos from a very loving and memorable night:

Cute Group People Celebrating Cheers Drinks Wedding
Cheers to the Bride and Groom!
Cute People Laughing Smiling Wedding Group Photo
*Almost* the entire Steel Petal Press staff!
Can you tell we totally HATE each other, haha! *wink wink*

Happy Mother’s Day!

This month we also celebrated Mother’s Day on May 12th! Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly if you work in the stationery business, Mother’s Day is probably the next busiest holiday for us after Christmas. We do a lot of sales with our brick & mortar store and our wholesale business. But, that’s fine by us because MOM’S RULE!

Funny Sweet Snarky Letterpress Greeting Cards For Mom Mother's Day

Steel Petal Press *FINALLY* Won A Louie Award!

Love Your Bad Dad Jokes Greeting Card Louie Award Winner

This was such an honor to win a Louie Award for our Dad Jokes card! We have been a finalist for a variety of card styles a whopping 4 TIMES! But this time, we can finally say we WON!

Thanks for tuning into our May Month Rewind! We can’t wait to see what June brings for Steel Petal Press and we hope you keep on reading πŸ™‚

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April Month Rewind!

The month of April was busy, busy, busy! We love how fast time flies (it means we are having fun, right?!) Take a peek inside what the Steel Petal Press team has been up to in our April Month Rewind.

Employee Fun Time: Wine Candle Making
Every quarter Steel Petal Press sponsors an Employee Fun Time Event so the team can bond outside of the work environment. The team is really one of the best parts of Steel Petal Press so we always have a great time. We chose to do a Wine Candle Making class which walks us through how to make our own wine bottle candle! We chose everything from the bottle, the color, and the scent to make our very own custom candle!

Steel Petal Press Group Picture
Steel Petal Press group photo!
Group Wine Candle Making
We’re cutting the tops off our wine glasses so we can pour our candle wax inside!
Group Wine Candle Making
Goofin’ and learnin’ how to make wine glass candles!
Just sniffin’ out some scents to use!

In case you weren’t aware, one of the many things that make Steel Petal Press items so special is that they are prepared and packaged all by hand. This is what we can “processing”. It can be an incredibly overwhelming task during busy times like the end of a New Release and/or prepping for a retail market show like One Of A Kind. Well, lucky for us, both of these events happened this past April which made for a huge amount of processing to get done.

Steel Petal Press Handmade Cards
Every single individual card page was folded, enveloped, and sleeved by the Steel Petal Press staff! Be sure to think of that every time you pick up one of our products! πŸ™‚

One Of A Kind (OOAK) April 2019 Show:
We kicked off the first of our two OOAK shows for the year (the second being a holiday one!). These retail market shows are a lot of effort and time which means it’s important for us to constantly evaluate what the cost/benefit is as a small business. This year’s Spring/Summer show was a bit slower than all the previous years so we aren’t sure if we will be returning to this particular one. However, Steel Petal Press does amazing at the holiday OOAK so we will definitely be back for that one! Here’s a few photos from our show in April:

Left = booth setup and right = finished booth
Look at all the pretty Steel Petal Press cards at OOAK!

Steel Petal Press New Release – FINISHED:
We are so happy to report that we finished our New Release!! If you’ve been following us at all in the previous months, it’s been obvious what a huge task this is. With all our new products completed, we were able to make them available at our retail location and soon to be available for wholesale and retail (online) orders!

Happy Birthday Bitch Steel Petal Press New Release Card
A photo showing “plates” for new designs for this current New Release.
Steel Petal Press Letterpress Handmade Cards
A quick snapshot of Shayna printing some of the New Release styles!
Handmade Letterpress Funny Snarky Birthday Cards Steel Petal Press
Styled photo of some of our new birthday cards!
Funny Snarky Coffee Mugs By Steel Petal Pres
Don’t forget, we design our own gift items too! Check out these 3 new mug styles we created!

That’s it for our April Month Rewind here at Steel Petal Press. Thanks so much for checking in with us month to month and be sure to stay tuned for what we’re up to in May!

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March Month Rewind!

Hey everyone, Spring is well underway and it feels like the months are beginning to move faster and faster. As we began to prepare for much larger projects down road, March was not necessarily a busy month but it definitely didn’t slow us down. Check out what we’ve been up to in our March Month Rewind!

Our SPP Family Grew: Say Hi To Margaret!:
This was possibly the most exciting development in the month of March. We hired on Margaret as our new “Retail and Shipping Assistant”. This was a position we created with a lot of thought in mind and something we’ve really needed for awhile. Both our retail and wholesale businesses are growing (which is GREAT) but it also means that our Retail and Shipping Managers need some extra hands to help. However, as you may or may not know, the hiring process is a very grueling and time-consuming one. Margaret, however, has proved to make the entire process seamless as she is a smart and talented lady full of smiles! Be sure to stop by our Retail Location and say hi to our newest family member!

This is Margaret – be sure to stop in and say hi!

New Release Updates:
In case it wasn’t obvious from our social media and blog, we have been deep in the midst of creating a New Release! While it’s a long and tiresome process, it’s arguably one of the most important ways to continue growing and refreshing the SPP brand. In the month of March, we officially approved all new product styles that will be apart of this New Release (which I mentioned earlier is over 40!) as well as printing our asses off. We have also slowly begun receiving our outsourced gift items such as gift wrap, mugs, and magnets which are printed off-site in the USA. We are so proud of all the new items we have created and can’t wait to share them with the world!

(NOT) Down With The Sickness:
It was definitely a hard month in terms of germs and SPP. Our team got hit with a flu that quickly passed through the ranks and all but 2 people remained standing for a couple days. Needless to say, we went through A LOT of Clorox wipes in the month of March. Fingers crossed we won’t have that happen anymore, UGH!

NYNow Booth Booked:
It’s official: SPP is heading back to the Big Apple for NYNow August ’19. This is always a huge step to take because it is a very large investment of time, money, and man power (especially for a small business). But, after starting back to the trade show circuit last year, it has proved worth all the blood, sweat, and tears. One of our goals is to continue growing our wholesale brand and we can’t properly do that without putting ourselves out there! It’s also a great opportunity to showcase the new release we’ve been working so damn hard on with over 40+ new items coming out! We really couldn’t be more excited to hit the road again and see new (and old) faces. Keep your eye out for more details in the coming months!

Chicago Print Crawl:
This is a brand new project that Steel Petal Press officially decided to be apart of this month (although it’s not until May) It’s meant to share and celebrate the art of printing and letterpress which is one of our main goals here at Steel Petal Press. Our printer, Dan will be operating the press and open to questions on the day of the event. In the coming months, he is also creating some small educational visuals for guests to look at and learn more about what exactly we do here. We are so excited for May to get here and to kick off Print Crawl. If you’re interested in learning more, here’s a link with dates, times, and another other important info!

That’s the end of our March Month Rewind. These next few months are bound to get busier and busier but it is nice to be able to pause a couple moments and reflect back on what we’ve accomplished. Thanks again for reading and stay tuned for next month’s!

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February Month Rewind!

February is finally over and we couldn’t be happier! If you’re in Chicago (or at least understand its’ weather), you’ll know it’s been a rough one. In general, things have been pretty quiet but that doesn’t mean we’ve slowed down! For now, enjoy our February Month Rewind:

Kick Off To Hiring:
Phew, this has been a long time coming! The start of the hiring process (and the entire process in general) requires a lot of effort and moving parts. From deciding the specific job needs, to creating and posting a job listing, to actually interviewing, it just take a lot. However, we are actually happy that business is doing so well that we NEED extra help! Stay tuned for the outcome of our employee hunt and hopefully we’ll have an extra addition to the SPP family next month πŸ™‚

Feb 2019 NYNow Buying Trip:
If you follow SPP at all, you’ll know we kicked off NYNow Aug 2018 by showing our wholesale line for the first time in years. However, our owner Shayna also travels to additional NYNow shows for the sole intention of buying cool products from other vendors to carry in our retail store. This is a very tedious, but necessary, task since there is SO MUCH to see at these shows and VERY LITTLE time to do it! But, it’s the best way to keep up with new and fresh items which is very important for our brick & mortar business.

Valentine’s Day:
Being a stationery and gift company, Valentine’s Day can be a very busy time in terms of sales. In the 1 or 2 months leading up to V-Day, our wholesale accounts are placing orders to get those love-themed items shipped and received in time to be purchased! For our brick and mortar, the week to couple days before the holiday are our busiest! (Nothing like last minute shopping, eh?!) Either way, we love being a place that people turn to for the perfect way to say they care!

Spring Display Window:
We love ushering in the new Spring season with a new window display at our brick and mortar location! It’s truly special how much freedom we have to have to get creative with the displays and we do our best to take full advantage of that πŸ™‚ This year we found ourselves inspired by crystals and their formations in nature. We honestly couldn’t be happier with how it turned out, in fact, it might be our favorite window to date:

The Path To A New Release Begins:
As we’ve made mention in previous blog posts, Steel Petal Press really wants to share a more in depth look at how we create new releases for our brand. BUT, to touch on it briefly as we look back this month, the creative portion of this process began as we started to share some preliminary ideas for new cards and gifts. We are looking forward to sharing more details on this but for now enjoy some photo evidence of what this looks like for us:

(Left to Right) Shayna, Dan, Matt looking at potential card ideas!

Thanks for reading through our February Month Rewind. We can’t wait to share all the exciting things that unfolding for Steel Petal Press in 2019! Until next time, buh bye!

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January Rewind – A Kickass Start To 2019!

We know we say this every month but where does the time go?! SERIOUSLY, THOUGH!? We couldn’t be more excited with how the first month of 2019 has gone! January was definitely a strange month with lots going on so please enjoy our January Rewind!

Year-End Inventory:
As you could probably guess, the year-end inventory isn’t the most fun task to do here at Steel Petal Press but it is totally necessary! To sum it up, a year-end inventory means we count every single item we have in stock from the back to the front. This includes everything from envelopes and sleeves to the candles and tea towels on the sales floor. We then reconcile any differences between what we counted versus what our computer count says we have. This allows us to accurately account for inventory so we know what/when to order things, identify any theft patterns, and let us know how much dollar amount in inventory we have on hand! The team totally killed it and this was by far the most seamless inventory count we’ve had! WOOHOO!

Karaoke Room:
Steel Petal Press likes to do an “employee fun time” once every quarter as a reward for all the hard work our team gives! This quarter’s fun time happened to land right at the end of inventory so everyone was ready to blow off some steam! We collectively decided to rent a karaoke room in Lincoln Park and sing our little hearts out…and boy, did we! πŸ™‚

(Our favorite pic of the night goes to Dan, one of our retail employees/printer and his gf, Anna!)

America’s Mart (ATL):
We had been working tirelessly to prepare for our very first time attending America’s Mart as a vendor and all the hard work paid off! The set-up and tear down were pretty much seamless…we even got to enjoy a “free” day around Atlanta!

We were very happy with how the booth turned out – bright, colorful, and welcoming (which is everything Steel Petal Press is about!) One more special thing about our booth at America’s Mart was that we were in the “On Trend” section which is juried. This means a panel voted that our products “Juried” means that a met their criteria to be considered “On Trend”. It’s very important in a huge show such as this because it sets us apart from the VERYΒ  large pool of additional vendors.

Steel Petal PressΒ  had a few days that were a bit slow but in the end it was deemed a successful first time showing at America’s Mart! We walked away with 20 orders, most of which were new accounts for us! We are looking to get more reach in the south, so definitely a good start to expanding in this area.

We also measure a show’s success byΒ  how many contacts were made even if they didn’t place an order. This is because it’s very possible they could place an order in the future! Once we arrived home, we counted about 30 new potential retail leads (which is very good) but they also felt like stronger leads than the one’s we compiled from New York Now in August. In fact, we’ve even had 2 new account open from those leads!

The show going well did not spare Shelby or Shayna from utter exhaustion which can best we summed up by this photo from the plane right home.

Justin Timberlake Concert:
Since Shelby and Shayna worked their asses off at Steel Petal Press’s first ever America’s Mart, they decided to treat themselves to something super fun while in ATL. They decided to go see Justin Timberlake who happened to be playing at the arena right down town…and it did NOT disappoint (not even a little). They were able to rock out and enjoy an incredible show despite all their drooling and swooning (because let’s be honest, he’s both cute AND sexy which isn’t an easy feat!)

Las Vegas Show:
For the first time, Steel Petal Press showed at a tradeshow in Las Vegas with our sales rep group: Lynn Mitchell Group. Shayna also decided to attend on behalf of SPP since we were sharing the space with other brands from LMG. It proved to be an interesting learning experience since we had never seen our sales reps in action!

Polar Vortex:
Last, but not least, for the first time ever Steel Petal Press’s flagship retail location in Chicago was closed for 2 days due to weather!

The temperature reached between -20 to -30 degrees both days. The entire staff working those days walk to work which was just too dangerous when it’s that cold! (Trust us, it was miserable out!)

February is already underway so stay tuned for next month’s recap!

November Rewind – No Way…November Is Over!

Holy shit…November is over! Who knew!? Sure, there are calendars but, with how busy Steel Petal Press has been, who has time to look at them!

November kick starts the holiday season with Thanksgiving AND Christmas shopping which means it’s all-hands-on-deck at our retail location, however, there’s still plenty going on behind the scenes, too!

Keep scrolling to see what we did this past month:

Steel Petal Press closes its’ doors on Thanksgiving so all the employees can spend time with their families (which is really what Thanksgiving is all about, right!) This year, even Shayna (our owner) got to go home to Washington, DC! Owning and working at a small business is very rewarding but it’s also SO MUCH WORK which means it is important to allow time for everyone to pause, take a breath, and enjoy friends and family. It’s also an important time for Steel Petal Press to reflect on what WE are thankful for: our loyal patrons! Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are and have the visions of where we are going… so thank you so much!

Small Business Saturday:
Now, while most retail businesses plan ALL YEAR ROUND for Black Friday, us small business folks are buckling down for Small Business Saturday. This day highlights the importance of shopping local and celebrates the big impact shopping small has on communities across the country. Our staff worked tirelessly to prepare and we were completely ecstatic about the turnout. It really does makes all the stress and long hours worth it πŸ™‚

Cyber Monday:
November does kick off the busy season for shopping in our brick & mortar location but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a lot of online retail shopping, too! Steel Petal Press also had a huge push during Cyber Monday which was awesome! We had roughly 60-70 orders placed and our shipping woman was able to get them all shipped out by the next day.

Q3 Donations:
Did you know that Steel Petal Press donates a portion of our quarterly revenue to a non-profit of our choice?! Well now you do!Β  This past month, Q3 wrapped up which meant it was donation time, woohoo! As Chicagoans AND Americans, we know that gun violence is aΒ serious epidemic that is impacting communities across our country. Because of this, we chose to donate to a non-profit called Everytown For Gun Safety. This incredible organization work to promote gun safety through strengthening background checks, advocating stricter laws which crack down on gun trafficking, and so much more. Steel Petal Press is so proud to have contributed to such an important issue and to be apart of the change we want to see in the world!

Winter Window Display:
It was also time to get our big, beautiful window into the Holiday Spirit with a little Christmas makeover! Our retail manager, Shelby, spend about a whole day getting all the ornaments hung up and the items re-merchandised but it was all worth it! It turned out beautiful and is a great piece of “eye-candy” for Milwaukee Ave. Check it out below:

Thanks for following our journey πŸ™‚
Keep checking in to see all the Steel Petal Press shenanigans we get in too!