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All New Letterpress Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Cards

Mother’s Day is coming in May, and Father’s Day is just around the corner from there in June. I’m happy to share some of my new releases for both holidays below. You can view these and full collection of letterpress cards for moms and dad by visiting my website!

Crazy Mom Mother's Day Card

Laundry Thanks Mom Mother's Day card

letterpress father's day card 1 dad

PBR letterpress father's day card

Resist! New Protest Cards from Steel Petal Press

Since the Election, the Inauguration, and the Women’s March on Washington we’ve had many requests for cards to use to communicate with our elected officials. We’ve turned your requests into a reality with a special INAUGURATION release of 6 cards we feel address many issues close to our hearts.

What does it mean to be American? The Statue of Liberty – symbol of american open doors. Affordable healthcare. A quote from American civil rights leader and hero, Martin Luther King Jr. The services provided by Planned Parenthood. And the Environment.

You can view the full collection HERE.

These cards are about democracy, freedom of speech and what it means to be American.  I want to focus on what brings us together as Americans and not what divides us.  It is my hope these cards will not only be used to communicate with elected officials but could also be used to start meaningful dialogue with Americans with opposing viewpoints.  What do we have in common?  Not what drives us apart.   I am proud to be American, proud of the Statue of Liberty and what it stands for, and proud of having man like Martin Luther King Jr. as a part of our collective history.
A percentage of the proceeds of all our profits go to giving back to charities we believe in:
NRDC, Chicago Women’s Health Center, ACLU, ADL, Planned Parenthood and more…

I Am American Protest Card

So far, I’ve had a great response from my customer base.  These cards have been resonating with lots of people who feel a little helpless in today’s political climate.
I did get one Trump supporter trolling on my Facebook page who responded “is there a card that says sore loser, liberal snowflake?”  To which I responded these cards are not about being a sore loser, but about freedom of speech and what it means to be American. It turns out he was almost mugged in Chicago for having a trump sticker and was called a Nazi.  Of course being attached sucks, but it was particularly hurtful to him because most of his wife’s family was killed in the holocaust by actual Nazis. And here’s where we found some common ground.  My family is jewish and even though they fled Europe before the holocaust, I found a place of empathy and understanding with him even though I don’t agree with his politics.  And to me, that is one small step forward in the right direction.

Affordable Health Care Protest Card

Protest Cards Protect Our Home


Planned Parenthood Protest Cards

Here is another great quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. –

Darkness Cannot Drive Out Darkness

All New Gift Wrap and Gift Tags

Just in time for the holidays we have some great gift wrap ideas to make your gifts one of a kind.  We just released 2 new gift tags and 3 new styles of gift wrap.

You can find them for purchase online or in our retail shop!

For You Letterpress Gift Tag Hooray Letterpress Gift Tag Fun Unique Gift Wrap Neon Heart Gift Wrap unicorn gift Wrap

Newest Holiday and Christmas Card Releases

It’s not even Halloween yet, but we’ve already been preparing for the holidays since summer.  I’m happy to announce our newest holiday card releases for 2016.

We have some fun new money holders and funny letterpress christmas cards to make you laugh 🙂  You can view all the new releases below.  And stay tuned for more new releases coming your way soon!

hanukkah gelt money holder my treat shot glass money holder greeting card stocking money holder greeting card Christmas  treat yo self money holder greeting card

Dick in a Box Christmas Card Dick in a Box Christmas Card Jolly Drunk Santa Christmas Card merry whatever Santa Christmas Card Something Special Letterpress Christmas Card

Letterpress Bookmarks – ALL NEW

The last of our new releases are our awesome and amazing Letterpress Bookmarks. They’ve all been doing well in our new gift shop.  Hope you enjoy!

Letterpress Bookmarks Awesome People Read Letterpress Bookmarks Read a Fucking Book Letterpress Bookmarks Books are the new Black

ALL NEW: Mugs and Shot Glasses

We’ve also released some new gift items.  The Chicago Mugs listed below have been doing really well in our retail shop.  They make a great gift for Chicago lovers and tourists love them too.

Chicago Mug

And who doesn’t love a good curse word. OR anything with bad words in general. Our Fuck Mug has been doing great since we launched it. It’s a new best seller!

Fuck Mug

We also love our new shot glasses! Great as a gift for your drunk friend or as a fun party favor.  We just love this Anchor and the Yay below./

Anchor Shot glass Gift Yay shot glass gift item

ALL NEW: Fortune Cookie Greeting Cards

One of my favorite new releases for 2016 so far has been my new line of Fortune Cookie Greeting Cards. They are interactive greeting cards with a pull out fortune based on your life event.  We have Birthday Fortunes, Graduation Fortunes, Baby, Marriage and Romance Fortunes. Each greeting card has a special fortune for the recipient.

Birthday Fortune Cookie Card Birthday Fortune Cookie Card Birthday Fortune Cookie Card Romance Fortune Cookie Greeting Card Romance Fortune Cookie Greeting Card Marriage Fortune Cookie Greeting Card Marriage Fortune Cookie Greeting Card Graduation Fortune Cookie Greeting Card Graduation Fortune Cookie Greeting Card Baby Fortune Cookie Greeting Card Baby Fortune Cookie Greeting Card

ALL NEW: Funny Birthday Cards

We have all our new releases for spring 2016. You asked for it, and you got it – more great Funny Birthday Cards for all the special people in your life!

Awesome Letterpress Birthday Card Chicago Funny Letterpress Birthday Card - Wino Damn Gina Birthday Card Drinking Buddy Birthday Card Funny Letterpress Birthday Card Funny Letterpress Birthday Card For Girl David Bowie Birthday Card

We also have a new line of interactive “Fortune Cookie” cards with an interactive pull out fortune. These are some of our new favorites. We have fortunes for all the big events in your life, which I’ll share more next week. For now here are our letterpress birthday cards that are fortune cookies. We hope you enjoy, and at least you had a little chuckle 🙂

Birthday Fortune Cookie Card Birthday Fortune Cookie Card Birthday Fortune Cookie Card

funny birthday cards

Moms, Dads and Grads

Mom, Dad and Grad cards:

Even though it’s still full-on winter here in Chicago, we’ve got the spring holidays on our mind.  Our new releases for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and new Graduation Cards have arrived and all are available in the online shop.  I had a lot of fun designing these. I especially love the pop of gold foil in cap of the graduation cards.

Check out the selections below, or click each image to access each card directly.

Letterpress Father's Day Card Letterpress Mothers Day Card Letterpress Father's Day Card Letterpress Mothers Day Card Letterpress and Gold Foil Graduation Congratulations Card Letterpress and Gold Foil Graduation Congratulations Card Letterpress and Gold Foil Graduation Congratulations Card

Handmade Chicago Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Handmade in Chicago Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Here at Steel Petal Press®, we love all things handmade. How better to share that love than to put together a list of our favorite local and handmade Valentine’s Day gift ideas? If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your sweetie, read on.


1. Handmade Men’s Gifts

Not sure what to get your guy? Check out the oh-so cool handmade art from LuciusArt. You can score woodblock prints and digital artwork made by graphic designer and artist Kevin Lucius.

2. Handmade Chocolate

Katherine Anne Confections gives you tasty selection of handcrafted truffles, chocolates, caramels, drinking chocolate that use local and organic ingredients. While you’re there picking up your sweetie’s, gift, be sure to try to ridiculously delish hot chocolate.

3. Handmade Cards

And what’s the perfect handmade finishing touch for the perfect handmade V-Day gift? A handmade letterpress valentine’s day card, of course! Plus, nothing says “I love you” like a heartfelt, handwritten note.

Plus, letterpress Valentine’s Day cards are perfect for loved ones near or far. You can let your besties on the other side of the country know you’re thinking of them. Or your Aunt Velma or your Grandpa Mo.

4. Handmade Jewelry

You can find the perfect ring, earrings or necklace for your honey at Moira K. Lime. Handmade by Chicago artist Katie Carder, this one-of-a-kind jewelry is inspired by the beautiful and organic shapes and patterns found in the natural world.

5. Handmade Spirits

The first distillery to open in Chicago since Prohibition, Koval Distillery makes organic whiskey, liqueurs and specialty spirits. This urban craft distiller also offers classes and tours if you want to go all out. You can find Koval offerings in their online store, at the distillery and other stores around the city.

Handmade Cupcakes

Satisfy your sweetie’s cupcake cravings at Swirlz Cupcakes. They make scrumptious flavors like classic red velvet or the amazing carmelita. Plus, they offer gluten-free and vegan options. YUM!

Handmade Hats

For a unique V-Day gift, check out Squasht Boutique’s reversible hats. They come in tons of chic prints and trendy colors, so you’re sure to find one that suits your main squeeze. Squasht designer Lesley Timpe also creates dresses, skirts, tops, tunics and headbands, which you can find at her brisk-and-mortar store in Ukrainian Village or online.

Local Gifts

We have a few favorite places for local art, crafts, home goods, bath and body products, and more: Wolfbait and B-Girls in Logan Square, Paperish Mess in West Town, and Sacred Art in Lincoln Park

Here are a few more of our favorite letterpress valentine’s day cards from Steel Petal Press®

letterpress valentine's day card - I fucking love you card

So Much Love Gold Foil Card

Check out the entire selection of Steel Petal Press’s letterpress valentine’s day cards to be ready for Valentine’s Day 2016.